What is the DO dental difference?

What is a DO

Do you believe your mouth is part of the rest of your body? It may seem like a silly question, but in today’s healthcare mentality the mouth is quite frequently excluded from other relatable conditions a person may have.

In our practice, we strive to care for the whole person. As a dually licensed physician and dentist, I have seen firsthand the dangers and misfortunes of not treating the mouth as an integral system of the body. Even something as simple as regular teeth cleanings has shown to benefit diabetes, arthritis, various autoimmune conditions, and more. Seemingly benign asymptomatic abscesses can have profound impacts on one’s health. Inflammation in the mouth circulates throughout the entire body. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but for many it is! I am encouraged to see research throughout the past decades strongly support this notion and for medical doctors to encourage their patients towards the best version of their health possible.

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As an osteopathic physician in a dentist’s office, I frequently get a raised eyebrow as to why I am here. The truth is that my two outwardly, separate professions could not be more intertwined. A DO’s practice is a whole-person approach to medicine investigating how your mind, body, soul, and spirit impact your wellbeing. My goal is to invest in and positively impact your life in all these dimensions. This may be by connecting missing links between your dental and medical needs, using OMT to treat and prevent an illness, or injury or by caring for your dental concerns. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Aaron Goodwin, DO, DMD


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